Pradip Parajuli

Counseling Psychologist
Pradip is a Psychological Counselor, a Mentor and a Coach passionate about inspiring change and supporting people to tune into their authenticity and lead meaningful lives. He believes that every individual is striving to do something in life. Everyone is unique and special in this world. Through his work, he dedicatedly creates a space in which people can reconnect with their inner wisdom as well as find their inner strengths to overcome obstacles in life. He studied both Sociology and Psychology; and holds double master’s degrees in Sociology as well as Counseling Psychology. He has been in the helping profession for more than 12 years. He has diverse experience in Counseling and Coaching, especially for young people and adults.

Besides the academic degree, he kept going and trained in Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Life Coaching. After all, he believes that he has found his niche in life is cemented. That niche is to help people get unstuck and find more purpose and enjoyment in their lives. He considers himself an advocate of mental well-being, and one of the thought leaders in Modern Applied Psychology.

Pradip Parajuli loves to interact with different individuals. He is an avid reader and is passionate about writing blogs. He loves nature. He loves to watch the sunrise and sunset. He loves to walk in the meadow with his bare feet. He is very much grateful to all the creations and to their distinct characters.


MA (Sociology), MA (Counseling Psychology)



Office Hours

10 AM – 7 PM

Preferred Language

Nepali, English

Day Range

Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri


Medium Of Service

Through the telephone, Through emails, Over videoconference/skype

Practicing Entity


Areas of Expertise

Special needs (Children with physical. emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties), Substance and habitual addictions, Trauma, Child Sexual Abuse, Mental Illness, Work-life Concerns, Academic and Career Related Issues, Parenting Concerns


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  • I have been a client to Bharat Sir since my first session in late 2016. He has always made me feel safe and supported, and I have recommended him to many of my friends, relatives and connections.

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