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Shradha Gadtaula 

Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur

Note: A psychologist is a professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health issues. They are not medical doctors and do not recommend medication as a form of treatment.

Shradha Gadtaula is a research associate at AutismCare Nepal Society and founder of Manosparsha Nepal. With four years of experience, Shradha specializes in mental health counseling to youths, conducting mental health training and also serving as a career counselor. She is also the founder of Blissful Mind which is an online consulting company, focused on raising awareness about mental health issues.Shradha has done her MA in Psychology and presented and published a paper at Pondicherry University, India. She has conducted training for trainers and trained youth in social and emotional learning in private and public schools. Shradha is also committed to inclusive education which is evident in her work as a researcher, where her core responsibility is developing community awareness and inclusion toolkits for Autism Spectrum Disorder.Shradha actively contributes her expertise in mental health counseling, career guidance and educational advocacy to promote mental wellbeing and inclusive practices in Nepal.


Ma Psychology


Rs.1000 – Rs.2000/-

Office Hours

9 AM to 5 PM

Preferred Language

Nepali, English

Day Range

Sun, Sat


LGBT, Queer-Friendly

Medium Of Service

Face to face, Virtual

Practicing Entity

Private Counseling Service

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues, Stress, Exam and school stress, Couple and Family Counseling


Children, Adults, LGBTIQ+


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What They Say About Us

  • I have been a client to Bharat Sir since my first session in late 2016. He has always made me feel safe and supported, and I have recommended him to many of my friends, relatives and connections.