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Kapil Sharma

Counseling Psychologist

Note: A psychologist is a professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health issues. They are not medical doctors and do not recommend medication as a form of treatment.

Kapil Sharma has been offering different types of trainings, seminars and workshops in the field of mental health and life skills. He also works as a consultant for UNICEF, CARE Nepal, several governmental and non-governmental organizations, where he has conducted over 100+ capacity building sessions. He is working with clients having issues in relationship, emotion regulation, anger and fear management, communication crisis, understanding self and circumstances, career dilemma and self-motivation and has been mentoring clients and corporates to perform optimally.In a sphere of mental health and counseling psychology, he is contributing as speaker, trainer and advocate for mental wellbeing.• Counseling Psychologist and Trainer at Pahilo Kadam & Holding Hope• Columnist for #MindMatters at The Annapurna Express• Instructor for BSW, BBM and Psychosocial Training.• Psychosocial Counselor and Trainer at HUDEC Nepal. Check his website:




1500 (Online) 2000 (In Person)

Office Hours

Flexible hours

Preferred Language

Nepali, English

Day Range

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri


4+ years

Medium Of Service

Face to face, Through the telephone, Over videoconference/skype

Practicing Entity

Nepal Institute of Mental Health (NIOMH) and Pahilo Kadam

Areas of Expertise

Self-care, Stress Management, Working on Wellness-WOW, Mental Health Matters, Parenting program, Psychological First Aid.


Youths, Parents, Corporates, Students



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What They Say About Us

  • I have been a client to Bharat Sir since my first session in late 2016. He has always made me feel safe and supported, and I have recommended him to many of my friends, relatives and connections.